Vaccine Trauma

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On August 19th 2019, I received a TDAP for in processing to a new position at a hospital. That night I began to feel as though my left foot had fallen asleep. I went to take a shower and the water hitting my left leg felt like fire. 

Symptoms continued to progress. Now the left side of my body feels like it is on fire 24/7. It is extremely sensitive to touch and temperature changes. My right leg and right arm are numb and weak. I have severe neck pain, lower back pain and headaches. I’ve lost the ability to feel my penis and can not feel urination. I am constantly lightheaded and dizzy. I have had multiple falls which has caused severe anxiety. 

I have been admitted into the hospital 3 times. I’ve had 3 rounds of IV steroids, 7 rounds of plex, 1 round IV antibiotics, multiple lumbar punctures, MRIs, CTs, XRays and other procedures. My working diagnosis is ADEM and Transverse myelitis from the vaccine. 

I went from being a very active dad and healthcare provider to needing a cane to walk and being in constant pain. I may never be able to work again.