Vaccine Trauma

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On August 19th 2019, I received a TDAP for in processing to a new position at a hospital. That night I began to feel as though my left foot had fallen asleep. I went to take a shower and the water hitting my left leg felt like fire. 

Symptoms continued to progress. Now the left side of my body feels like it is on fire 24/7. It is extremely sensitive to touch and temperature changes. My right leg and right arm are numb and weak. I have severe neck pain, lower back pain and headaches. I’ve lost the ability to feel my penis and can not feel urination. I am constantly lightheaded and dizzy. I have had multiple falls which has caused severe anxiety. 

I have been admitted into the hospital 3 times. I’ve had 3 rounds of IV steroids, 7 rounds of plex, 1 round IV antibiotics, multiple lumbar punctures, MRIs, CTs, XRays and other procedures. My working diagnosis is ADEM and Transverse myelitis from the vaccine. 

I went from being a very active dad and healthcare provider to needing a cane to walk and being in constant pain. I may never be able to work again.

Vaccine Harm is real

WA State board of health is looking to add HPV vaccine to required list for daycare and school. If you oppose this please write your congressman…

There a great book “The Panic Virus” that talks about the harms from getting vaccines, the benefits, people who choose not to vaccinate their children and so much more. It’s a great read for new parents out there trying to decide what is right for their kids and themselves.

If it wasn’t for the vaccine scare – the makers of vaccines would never have had to change their formulas to exclude the harmful substance that have affected so many children’s lives.

So now that they have fixed the problems they discovered with this scrutiny by the people regarding the ingredients that could be harmful to humans in vaccines are we in the clear???? How can we better ensure this doesn’t keep happening with new vaccines? I wish I had access to my own lab for I could test the stuff before they inject it into me.

Wow this is harder than I thought – Vaccine date collection

Well there is an interesting event going on in November. Check out their website.

As for data websites, most of the stuff is just tweeted or copied of images but Im frustrated to not be able to actually find research sites. I checked out this law firm This was interesting in that they litigate against Vaccine harm. It’s interest that this site above is changing the narrative to VACCINE INJURY… mmm

There are peeps whose kids were harmed by vaccines Im am finding is far less than the amount of deaths from not vaccinating. However… Im am not even close to making a real stance either way yet. This stuff is scary for sure Im so glad I don’t have kids to worry about this stuff.

Another Site I need to play in is CrazyMothers. They are actually hosting the November 14th Event. This site is well organized. They should have changed the spelling of Crazy to Crazy because they aren’t crazy this stuff is real and happening to kids.

Again short muse as Im swamped with appointments today! Please add info if you have it in the comments.

I find it interesting that when I go to places like Tweeter these people’s accounts are blocked. For example: This Blogger:

This is not right. So much for freedom of speech I guess, no wonder I can’t seem to search the web and easily find this stuff. mmmm Maybe I shouldn’t be blogging about this? Will I get blocked? mmmm

Next Obsession – Ingredients in Vaccinces

Vaccines – What are you really getting and is it worth the risks.

This is going to take me a while to research as it’s an entirely new subject. First off I plan on watching this Ted Talk to wrap my head about pandemics which we vaccinate ourselves against right?

I have severn links I need to pour through but they are on my old cell phone not easy to transfer. So if you are reading this and have research links for me, post in comments.

Short post for the day but here is the link to my first item to get introduced to the whole vaccine thing and why we do it.