March Virus is Heart Breaking

Well so many stories of local fear I don’t even know where to begin…

Was walking the dog and saw a man with a full bullet proof outfit on and packing two guns… That was weird. No I did not engage but really wanted to talk to him…

Here is a post from one of my favorite Landscaper who not only employed hard working people but pays taxes and is licensed in Hansville: So sad… As Hansville has a LARGE immigrant group of landscapers that works under the tax table and don’t have to adhere to the Business shutdowns.

“Saying good-bye to my work force was heartbreaking to say the least, people who have done everything right and have exuded the greatest example of what a hard working, taxpaying US citizen is, was something I will never forget! So today, was the day all “non essential” workers were told to stay home by edict of the State of Washington and Kitsap County but apparently that order was only for licensed contractors because I couldn’t help but notice unlicensed landscapers working all over Hansville and Driftwood Keys! I asked one gentleman in a white chevy pickup & Dump trailer on Hood Canal Dr. why he was working and he told me he is just a gardener and that I should do whatever I should do! Also today, licensed contractors on Bainbridge Is. were being fined $1000 for working when they weren’t supposed to! Myself and others are writing letters to as many local and State officials as we possibly can to help with this disparity I hope my local neighbors can truly understand the situation we are in before things get out of hand!”

Another interesting thing to watch is all the people who are pointing out all the wrong doings around here. Lots of angry people, some on board with the fear they are going to die, and a few that are just plan perplexed at the fear mongering and that people are buying all this fear of this virus… on and on… Grocery store is price hiking – Cornish Game hen before this nightmare – 3.99 each, today $8 each… WHY???

So how are you coping with all this? Nonsense or REAL THREAT – doesn’t really matter as we are all going to be in a depression in the FALL… But hey at least we are still alive right? mmmmm

Also an added bonus the normal regular flu will slow down right?

Vaccine Harm is real

WA State board of health is looking to add HPV vaccine to required list for daycare and school. If you oppose this please write your congressman…

There a great book “The Panic Virus” that talks about the harms from getting vaccines, the benefits, people who choose not to vaccinate their children and so much more. It’s a great read for new parents out there trying to decide what is right for their kids and themselves.

If it wasn’t for the vaccine scare – the makers of vaccines would never have had to change their formulas to exclude the harmful substance that have affected so many children’s lives.

So now that they have fixed the problems they discovered with this scrutiny by the people regarding the ingredients that could be harmful to humans in vaccines are we in the clear???? How can we better ensure this doesn’t keep happening with new vaccines? I wish I had access to my own lab for I could test the stuff before they inject it into me.

Bloggers How do they do it?

Today’s musing is about how amazing real bloggers are who provide tons of info. For example one of my favorites is Karl Denniger’s blog

He writes so much without typos in one day. My god, let alone how does he gather this info so fast. Im fighting learning about NAD Chemical reactions to share with peeps and it’s going to take me a few days to dummy down the info so it’s relevant to the non science reader.

The next one I truly enjoy is Morning Brew. Great news that makes since of the crazy out there.

I so enjoy reading Yves Smith, – she makes interesting points. Her article on California Blackouts is eye opening. It didn’t really dawn on me the impacts of blackouts. So many businesses can’t open without power. This is not good. I love her animal pics she posts too.

Well that’s it for me, I have a short window of 15 minutes as I need to help a friend move landscape rocks and transplant a Hollywood Juniper. Love these plants. There is something Dr. Seuss about them.

Tuesday My Grieving Friend

Well Im still working on my Mitochondria adventure but just not in the mood to research today so Im just going yap a bit about today I guess. Actually felt like putting a dress, tights and boots on but only for a second. hahahah

I am obsessing about my sad friend, who had to put her dog down a couple of days ago. That is so hard. It’s a hurt that just keeps stabbing you every where no matter what you do. You make breakfast and look down to be reminded he’s not there anymore. You clean the kitchen and miss the pooch pouncing on you wanting your attention. You try to eat but can’t there is no one to share it with.

I got her a funny little bat plant. When I delivered it she was confused. She didn’t know what she was suppose to do with it. I said to her “Silly it’s like a Christmas ornaments only for Halloween hang it on your tree outside the kitchen window”. She was said nothing for a bit then it finally kicked in with her “Oo ok I can do that”. My heart went out to her, she was broken and I couldn’t fix her. I asked her is she wanted to go do something. She wasn’t up for it.

So I will give her her space as hard as that is for me to do. Don’t you wish you could just fix everyone’s hurt. There is so much of it in the world.

Tomorrow is another chance for me to cheer her up. Off to fake clean the house as in-laws are coming for a couple of days. Bronco! is going to have so much attention.

Friday – Pondering Low Carb and Bday Cake

Well today is my little sister’s birthday. She lives in Greece so it’s hard to get stuff to her. I so wanted to send her a cake as I got the idea from my friend who sent a cake to her son. Sadly, Greece commerce doesn’t work as well as the US. I did manage to buy her some high end hair products through Amazon UK that rocks. It’s surprising how locked down sending stuff to Greece is. You just don’t realize it until you have a loved one that lives outside the country.

My week of to dos are done and I can finally get to my new diet book. I am on the hunt to find some sort of real story on how our bodies metabolize Wine & Hard Liquor… Why do I care? Curiosity more than anything – it seems odd to me that these beverages do not have carbohydrates? As I always thought they were pure sugar. I was once told by my high school sweetheart that his Specialist said our body’s treat alcohol like it was a fat. OK so what does that mean? Then I read that our body treats alcohol like a poison so all digestion stops so that the body can process this poison and get it out of our bodies as fast as it can, therefor taxing our entire digestive track, pancreas squirting enzymes and hormones, Liver doing what ever it does, kidneys filtering out the bad stuff that is left.

OK so my goal for the next week is to learn more about how we digest in general. So if you are interested and want to chime in on my thoughts and ideas on this subject feel free. As I will be pulling me data from the internet which is full of FAKE claims.

I have two books right now as well. One by Dr. Gundry about the Keto diet, and one written by an Exercise Physiologist Greg Landry, MS… More as I learn and try to summarize in terms maybe others can understand instead of the language of Medical terms, a.k.a. latin right?