Thyroid Coma

Well lets talk Thyroids. Mine has decided to become bipolar. 8 weeks ago I was tested as I have Hashimoto’s Thyroid issues and I take meds for it. Once a year I have to get my TSH levels checked to make sure Im medicated appropriately.

So 8 weeks ago my Thyroid results were .08 so Doc cut back my meds and when I was tested 8 weeks later the results were totally in the opposite direction 64….. That is a huge swing. The odd thing was when it was .08 I felt great but half way through the 8 weeks on new meds I started feeling super tired, now I am sleeping basically part of the day, and in bed snoring by 8:30….. My muscles are completely complaining. Not a fun feeling. So she upped my meds and now I wait another 8 weeks in hopes I am normal again. Sad thing is there is no way to instantly take a pill and feel better either, this TSH game takes time to get levels up to where they should be.

Taking too much of Thyroid medicine can cause some serious health problems, including

So why did this happen say you? Well in my case it is one where my immune system is either attacking my thyroid making it nonfunctional behaving which I don’t have any idea it’s happening then I don’t need my thyroid meds as my thyroid isn’t being attacked. So for me it’s a yo yo life as when thyroid levels get out of whack so does one’s emotions.

Holy cow my emotions are everywhere but where they should be. But at least I can self talk myself out of most of the stupid thinking my brain feels it needs to engage in. hehehe

For example: I am drawn towards bad news when Im out of whack. It’s like I need it for energy or something and then I wonder why Im so sad all the time. I stop, play the Gratitude game, remind myself it’s just my biology trying to correct itself and the only thing that is going to help is time so accept what you can’t change and move on…

I know easier said than done. However it is fun to watch funny videos or go do something nice for someone that always perks me up so off to bake for my neighbor who is on hospice she is craving baked goods. So sour cherry sweet bread is in the oven, and my cinnamon Babka is churning in the bread machine….