Thyroid Coma

Well lets talk Thyroids. Mine has decided to become bipolar. 8 weeks ago I was tested as I have Hashimoto’s Thyroid issues and I take meds for it. Once a year I have to get my TSH levels checked to make sure Im medicated appropriately.

So 8 weeks ago my Thyroid results were .08 so Doc cut back my meds and when I was tested 8 weeks later the results were totally in the opposite direction 64….. That is a huge swing. The odd thing was when it was .08 I felt great but half way through the 8 weeks on new meds I started feeling super tired, now I am sleeping basically part of the day, and in bed snoring by 8:30….. My muscles are completely complaining. Not a fun feeling. So she upped my meds and now I wait another 8 weeks in hopes I am normal again. Sad thing is there is no way to instantly take a pill and feel better either, this TSH game takes time to get levels up to where they should be.

Taking too much of Thyroid medicine can cause some serious health problems, including

So why did this happen say you? Well in my case it is one where my immune system is either attacking my thyroid making it nonfunctional behaving which I don’t have any idea it’s happening then I don’t need my thyroid meds as my thyroid isn’t being attacked. So for me it’s a yo yo life as when thyroid levels get out of whack so does one’s emotions.

Holy cow my emotions are everywhere but where they should be. But at least I can self talk myself out of most of the stupid thinking my brain feels it needs to engage in. hehehe

For example: I am drawn towards bad news when Im out of whack. It’s like I need it for energy or something and then I wonder why Im so sad all the time. I stop, play the Gratitude game, remind myself it’s just my biology trying to correct itself and the only thing that is going to help is time so accept what you can’t change and move on…

I know easier said than done. However it is fun to watch funny videos or go do something nice for someone that always perks me up so off to bake for my neighbor who is on hospice she is craving baked goods. So sour cherry sweet bread is in the oven, and my cinnamon Babka is churning in the bread machine….

Anti-Aging Products -Am I a mouse?

Well hello there. Today’s muse is on anti-aging products info – not recommending taking just musing mind you.

Ingredients newly learned about are:

Pterostibene – cool stuff in blueberries – way better than the stuff from Grapes -resveratrol. This stuff works to help your aged signals that give instructions to your DNA work better. Too simple? Here are some details for you then. Pterostilbene is a kind of extra-potent version of resveratrol. The pterostilbene molecule is nearly identical to resveratrol’s except for a couple of differences that make it more “bioavailable” (animal studies indicate that about four times as much ingested pterostilbene gets into the bloodstream as resveratrol). Test-tube and rodent studies also suggest that pterostilbene is more potent than resveratrol when it comes to improving brain function, warding off various kinds of cancer and preventing heart disease. This info is from:;text=Beyond

Nicotinamide mono nucleotide (MNM) – This is the NAD booster. Remember in my other blog how I show how NAD gets depleted with Alcohol consumption. Well in general NAD levels as we age are lower so boosting them is the idea to help us stay younger longer.

How does this work? Well according to Dr. Sinclair – NMN is a precursor to NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, meaning it becomes NAD+ through a series of chemical transformations. NAD+ is a coenzyme that living things cannot survive without and is critical for everything from energy and metabolism and even sleep, but levels of NAD+ naturally fall with age, making it — and NMN, as a result — crucial to the science of aging.

Metformin– Now this one is a weird one. You need a doc prescription for it. It is actually a drug for diabetics. Below are details about this drug from

There is a great interview by Comedian Joe Rogan which I love to watch while improving my mitochondria action which improves DNA behaviors – aka exercising.

Well this is really interesting. If any of this info is wrong please let me know Im not a scientist really just reading and interpreting.

I am so tempted to order me up some of these supplements but pondering the question “Am I a mouse?” Something to think about in addition to this is whether I want to spend $100 a month on something that is only proven to work on a mouse…

Analog signals in our genetics – What about them?

Well I just watched the most eye opening Google Talk. Dr. David Sinclair does a brilliant job and speaking in ways us non-scientist peeps can understand. Love the analogy using CD disks and how it relates to our cells that make us age.

This is a huge field of study right now.

Looking at this image think of your DNA the purple lines and the blue circles are the analog signal that tells your DNA cells who they are and they they are suppose to do. As we age those blue circles get scratched like an old CD and doesn’t work right so then your DNA Cells don’t know who or what they are suppose to do really. Interesting concept really.

Check out his google talk. Very interesting stuff.

Drunk Mitochondria

Finally I found what I was looking for. Why is it when you drink Alcohol you gain weight? Well for lots of reasons but the one I was interested in is this. In simple terms without all the chemical processes explained (see image below if you are interested in the names of them) here is the deal. Your body uses a chemical NAD to breakdown your fat cells and to make glucose that feeds your muscles and brain. When you drink Alcohol your body is depleted of this and so this is why heavy drinkers get hypoglycemia. It can’t pull the glucose out of your fat cells let alone break them down into fatty acids to fuel your body correctly because it is low on NAD. This is why you get hungry at 2am after partying all night, your brain is needing glucose which your body can’t pull due to shortages of this chemical. I am sos implying this maybe too far but you get the point.

The Mitochondria are affected in last phase of this process where Acetate is created. These guys get damaged when too much Acetaldehyde accumulates from drinking too much too fast.

Here is a picture of the chemical process that happens. Ethanol = Alcohol. See how NAD+ is used for break down all these elements required to process Alcohol into our system. This is why bad things happen to our bodies if one is a heavy drinker.

In addition…. What your body does with Alcohol is when it’s broken down to be used as something in your body the only nutrient it provides is Fatty Acids. I always thought it was pure sugar but it’s not really. To our Liver’s its a Fatty Acid and too much of it gets stored in you liver as Triglycerides. This is why heavy drinkers get fatty livers. In addition high levels of triglycerides are associated with various liver and pancreas problems.

Now this is sparking a whole new question. How can one increase NAD levels so that I don’t get low on energy? Is this a natural process our body gets worse at making as we age. mmmmm Now that I figured out the reason why if you are tracking Fat grams, it’s important to know that alcohol basically is 100 percent fat to your body’s metabolism and is why it has little or no carbohydrates.

Off another path – Where to NAD’s come from. Also if you are reading this and find I am wrong please correct me. I am just trying to learn this on my own and have no real expert I can talk to.