Garden Cleanup Day

Today’s chores are to put the garden to bed for the winter. Dahlias are almost done. Yard waste nightmare though. Wish I lived in an area that has a yard waste pick up. I am filling up large garbage bags and then I plan on slowly cram them into the garbage can. How exciting is that. Not really but oh well.

Love the winter redness of the bark.

Im working on a Coral Bark wrapping some of the branches with copper wire to force it to grow in a weeping direction. It’s the control freak in me I guess, forcing a tall tree to be a short weeping one. hehehe. My father in-law taught me this trick. He is so talented in the garden, his garden is perfectly groomed. I asked him how he kept his beds so clean of debris. He answered “I vacuum it of course”. Im like what? Now he is fighting early stages of dementia so I was wondering if it was part or that or something I didn’t know I was suppose to do in the garden. He explained that he has a leaf blower that also vacuums with a bag to college all the leaves. OMG I am go getting me one of those for Christmas.

Well this is a short blog today, off to mow the lawn and shave the lavender one last time. I intend to do a little lavender bombing… It’s so fun…I bunny bombed someone down the street one time. I was experimenting with a clay/concrete product so I made a rabbit, he was a kind of big. I saw a woman down the street with a bit of a collection so I decided to add to it and see how long it would take her to figure it out. She got such a kick out of it how can I not continue the tradition right? If you know me you have been warned. hehehe