Today I closed my Social Media Accounts

Howdy there, Wow I did a thing that I’m a little uneasy about. I’m trying something new. Why? Have you ever just examined how much time you really spend doing something? For me, as I age it seems like I keep running out of time in a day… I have no energy to get much done. Now it could be a medical problem but I doubt it… So today I closed my Facebook Account, and Twitter Account and Instagram Account in hopes that I will create more, read more, get more done around the house, be more present (Quit thinking of the Past, or worrying about the Future that may never come)

I have been thinking about this for a while. Sometimes seeing too much into someone’s else’s life, it just makes you think yours isn’t so great. Social media is almost like being able to mind read your loved ones. Which can be exciting but hurtful too. If someone want me to know something about their lives they can call me or tell me in person. Direct Contacts if you dare. hehehe

There is nothing worse than really wanting a visit from a loved one, it’s on the books only to learn that they did something way more fun. The sad thing is the person hurt was not the intention. Social Media doesn’t explain why someone chose to do something different with their time. Sigh…. And it is also a vicious way to hurt someone if it was intentional….

I cherish my connections with people, but it’s time to do it up close and personal instead of behind a computer screen. There is so much information lost and misinterpretation going on. I just read the AWESOME Book called “Lost Connections” it has an entire chapter on this issue. Worth a read… It will be interesting to see if my relationships will become closer or not… Kind of like a Social Studies experiment I guess….

Love your comments on this action…..

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