What are you doing for the holidays

It’s that time of year again. Everyone who has family is with family or planning to be with family. The coordinations can be disappointing and can make one feel lonely. Sometimes Christmas alone is just want one needs. This is my mantra to get me through the season as I have a partner that doesn’t like socializing and it’s his year to do what he wants.

So if I lived in an altered universe where one didn’t have to be considerate and kind to one’s partners I think I would take a surprise trip to Greece to hang with my sister who does so much during the holidays feeling lonely would not be felt let alone in my vocabulary.

Or mmm a trip to Arizona and visit my neighbor hood friends who live there during the winter months. Ooo that would be fun.

Or crashing someone’s Christmas party but hate that because then they ask where my partner is and then I feel awkward.

Would love to do a road trip with someone funny like The Backus…. who is a dear friend I have had since like 4th grade.

OOO just drive to my home town and visit my friend’s family who was like my second family growing up, just drop in on them….

ooo I could take my dog and go to the local nursing home and hang out with crazy older people. They are always happy to see someone.. ooo I just might do that!

What do you do on the holidays if you are alone? Inquiring minds want to know.

2 thoughts on “What are you doing for the holidays

  1. Gratitude . Btw Phoebe – when do you think it is appropriate to rely on anecdotal evidence? Can you reasonably evaluate the reliability of a source and then account for factors sch as coincidence or outright ( extremely likely) scientific impossibility?


    1. In my opinion relying on anecdotal evidence depends on how desperate you are to believe what you are hearing. However this all not all bad as it can raise the issue that you need to imperially check something out. So it’s kind of like seeing smoking but you need to find the fire to confirm it’s real. In my opinion anyway…


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