Unconditioned Consciousness

Letting go of the concept of ourselves to discover who we truly are. What a concept…mmmm How the heck does one do that? I am listening to an interesting interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHhEPUp5X_I. Pondering…….

Need to discover my inner reality… ooo this could be fun (heaven)… or horrifying(hell)…

Find the dimension of inner spaciousness. Uncluttered mind. No thought. Inter alter stills? mmmm what the heck… and I do this? Can I sense these dimension in other people? How do you get to know that person’s inner self? Beyond your personality, the unconditioned self recognition. Recognize everyone as yourself? We are all one big consciousness? mmmm

So there is a form identity and then there is a being identity – need to have access self transcendence.

Unconsciousness in spiritual terms means you are reacting to a situation that is using what behaviors you have learned good or bad…. This is the mode one is in when they are on drugs so obviously their behavior is worse than if they were sober… The goal in life when you are struggling is to be conscious on a deeper level so that you can react more appropriately and not have to suffer the consqences of doing stupid things you regret. mmm

Free will – one needs to aware of the condition of your mind in order to access free will happily?

ooo good video on how to get rid of Negative thoughts… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j91ST2gtR44……

Short post for the day, hope it provides some improvements to your life!

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