Bloggers How do they do it?

Today’s musing is about how amazing real bloggers are who provide tons of info. For example one of my favorites is Karl Denniger’s blog

He writes so much without typos in one day. My god, let alone how does he gather this info so fast. Im fighting learning about NAD Chemical reactions to share with peeps and it’s going to take me a few days to dummy down the info so it’s relevant to the non science reader.

The next one I truly enjoy is Morning Brew. Great news that makes since of the crazy out there.

I so enjoy reading Yves Smith, – she makes interesting points. Her article on California Blackouts is eye opening. It didn’t really dawn on me the impacts of blackouts. So many businesses can’t open without power. This is not good. I love her animal pics she posts too.

Well that’s it for me, I have a short window of 15 minutes as I need to help a friend move landscape rocks and transplant a Hollywood Juniper. Love these plants. There is something Dr. Seuss about them.

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